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NYSILC News Briefs, Winter 2015:

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Most Recent Blog Posting: “On Recent Events…” By Brad Williams, December 2014/January 2014/2015. The African American community is protesting the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, looking for justice related to unarmed citizens killed by police. Read More
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New York State Employment First Commission Report and Recommendations March 1, 2015  
Recruiting, Hiring, Retaining, and Promoting People with Disabilities: A Resource Guide for Employers:
A Case Study on Inclusive Disaster Preparedness Planning in Upstate New York, Bridgit M. Burke, Albany Law School, January 27, 2015
Painful Lessons About Poverty and Disability, Huffington Post, By Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi, 2/18/15,
2014 NY Post Election Survey
The coalition of partners that comprise New Yorkers For Accessible Voting (NYFAV) designed and distributed an online survey via Survey Monkey. Click on the link to access the summary report.
Media Hit Related to New Yorkers For Accessible Voting
Click on the following link for more information about the Pat Figueroa Young Adult Sponsorships.

Our Ability is a certified disability-owned business that creates game-changing strategies for enabling full inclusion of individuals with disabilities.  We invite both active and passive job seekers, whether or not they are currently employed, to enter their information and invite their friends and family members with disabilities to get Connected.  There is no charge to participate in the system as a candidate.  Our Ability Connect © is making the complex simple by offering a platform where candidates with disabilities can enter their skills and experience, and then receive endorsements and references that reinforce their value to future employers.  Our Ability Connect will continue to grow our candidate database, which will include new graduates to skilled executives across all disciplines, with apparent and non-apparent disabilities, those individuals who are interested in positions across all industries and sectors.  Our 2015 goal is to enroll 10,000 candidates with disabilities.

2014 NYSILC FCM 111413  

NYSILC Full Council - November 16th, 2014