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Interest in Office Space/Downtown Albany NY - Our Ability Alliance and the New York Business Leadership Network

Our Ability Alliance and the New York Business Leadership Network ( are building employment and entrepreneur opportunities for individuals with disabilities in New York State. One of our important endeavors is to increase the number of businesses started and owned by individuals with disabilities.

Presently, we are looking at renting some office space in downtown Albany-within two blocks of the capital to be able to lobby and be recognized by the state government.


We are looking to inform any entrepreneur with a disability-or any entrepreneur was product will support individuals with disabilities-to see who may be interested in sharing cooperative office space. We send this out knowing that there are individuals out there that may be looking for business support, shared services, a desk, a conference room when needed, etc.

If you know of someone, please email


Thank you,

John Robinson


Our Ability, Inc.

(518) 429-9256


In 2016, Our Ability Alliance formed the New York Business Leadership Network  - the official New York USBLN Chapter covering New York State.

In 2014, John Robinson was named a White House Disability Employment Champion of Change.

Our Ability, Inc. is a USBLN – Certified Disability Owned Business Enterprise - DOBE for Video and Disability Etiquette 


Follow the development of the draft SPIL at the bottom of the State Plan webpage:

Draft SPIL 2017-2019 Webinar: Link to Power Point and Audio:Draft SPIL 2017-2019 PPT and Webinar


NYSILC News Briefs, Spring 2016

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NEW 2015 Statewide Needs Assessment

This needs assessment was designed to collect input on four research questions to help guide the development of the next three-year State Plan for Independent Living (SPIL). 

2015 Statewide Needs Assessment Word

2015 Final Needs Assessment Report - MS Word

NYSILC Final Needs Assessment Report PDF


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2014 SPIL Evaluation Report Final 05-28-2014 

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New York State Employment First Commission Report and Recommendations March 1, 2015  

Employment First.docx

Employment First.pdf

Advocates Push For Better Employment Access for Disabled New Yorkers, By Capital Tonight Staff
Monday, April 20, 2015 at 09:00 PM EDT 

A Case Study on Inclusive Disaster Preparedness Planning in Upstate New York, Bridgit M. Burke, Albany Law School, January 27, 2015

Click on the following link for more information about the Pat Figueroa Young Adult Sponsorships.


Our Ability is a certified disability-owned business that creates game-changing strategies for enabling full inclusion of individuals with disabilities.  We invite both active and passive job seekers, whether or not they are currently employed, to enter their information and invite their friends and family members with disabilities to get Connected.  There is no charge to participate in the system as a candidate.  Our Ability Connect © is making the complex simple by offering a platform where candidates with disabilities can enter their skills and experience, and then receive endorsements and references that reinforce their value to future employers.  Our Ability Connect will continue to grow our candidate database, which will include new graduates to skilled executives across all disciplines, with apparent and non-apparent disabilities, those individuals who are interested in positions across all industries and sectors.  Our 2015 goal is to enroll 10,000 candidates with disabilities.