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Cuomo launches on-line tool for state job seekers who are veterans or disabled

August 25, 2014 at 2:04 pm by Rick Karlin, Capitol bureau in Department of Civil Service

New York State has launched an on-line recruitment center for veterans as well as for those with disabilities who are seeking a state job. Such progress has been slow in the past, but the Cuomo Administration is hoping this electronic recruitment center will help.

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced the launch of the online State Recruitment Resources Center, which will serve as the central online employment recruitment location for job seekers who are certified eligible for participation in the Governor's Program to Hire Persons and Veterans With Disabilities. The website enables job seekers to upload their resume and transcript, and also provides application information regarding disability certification, so that they can be best connected with employment opportunities at State agencies.

"With the launch of this online portal, veterans and people with disabilities are gaining more access than ever to the State's job market," Governor Cuomo said. "This is another way that we are working to bring more opportunities to New Yorkers in every corner of the state, and I encourage all eligible job seekers to utilize this new tool today."

The Recruitment Resources Center is available from the Department of Civil Service's website HERE.

The Governor's Program to Hire Persons and Veterans With Disabilities, known as the 55-b and 55-c programs, respectively, allows qualified persons and veterans with disabilities to be appointed to entry-level competitive civil service positions without a written examination. New York State's Civil Service Law designates 1,200 entry level positions for the 55-b program for persons with disabilities. Further, State law provides for 500 entry level positions under the 55-c program specifically for veterans with disabilities.

The first step in the program is to apply for certification with the Department of Civil Service's Employee Health Service. Once applicants have been certified for the 55-b or 55-c programs, they can submit their information in one place online indicating employment history, academic achievements, as well as geographic location preferences for State employment. State agencies will use the 55 b/c Recruitment Resources Center to identify candidates for entry level positions.

"We are encouraging all qualified applicants to utilize this convenient employment resource," said Civil Service Commissioner Jerry Boone. "These entry-level positions often provide qualified persons and veterans with disabilities a starting point to build a productive career working in State government."

For more information on disability certification eligibility requirements and other civil service employment opportunities, visit


NYSILC 2014 Public Policy Agenda

NYSILC, in its planning function, and work with statewide stakeholders on a wide variety of issues impacting New Yorkers with disabilities, has found it necessary to develop a public policy agenda to articulate and support common issues that are important to the statewide network and the significant population they serve for the purposes of public education and awareness.

NYSILC 2013 Annual Report

The Patricio "Pat" Figueroa, Jr. Sponsorship

Sponsorships for Young Adults with Disabilities to Attend Leadership Trainings This sponsorship, is named in honor of Patricio "Pat" Figueroa, Jr., a recognized leader and advocate of people with disabilities. In 1978, Pat founded the first Center for Independent Living (CIL) in New York State - the Center for Independence of the Disabled in New York (CIDNY). The network has since grown to over forty centers. He was the co-founder of the 504 Democratic Club and publisher of the national disability newspaper, Independence Today. Pat helped train and mentor numerous individuals over the years. For young advocates looking to become future leaders, he is someone to look up to as they learn and strive to reach their ultimate goals. The New York State Independent Living Council, Inc. (NYSILC) is looking to conduct outreach to young adults with disabilities (age 18-28) with demonstrated leadership potential. Specifically, the council will support young leaders by providing The Patricio "Pat" Figueroa, Jr. Sponsorship for young adults with disabilities to attend and participate in independent living related conferences and/or national disability and leadership trainings during each year of the State Plan. It is expected that sponsorships of up to $250 each will be awarded to young adults with disabilities based on cost and need. Recipients will be asked to provide documentation via a NYSILC reimbursement form and complete a follow up questionnaire to summarize their experience. The council member will make their decisions based on the availability of applications received on a first come first served basis and on need, while attempting to maximize the resources and representing as many young leaders throughout the State as possible. Refer to the following link for an application form: Application form.

NYSILC Letter to Governor Cuomo Encouraging Action Regarding the Employment of New Yorkers with Disabilities

NYSILC recently issued a letter Governor Cuomo that encourages him to follow the example provided by the National Governor's Association (NGA) Chair's Initiative related to "A Better Bottom Line: Employing People with Disabilities Blueprint for Governors" and asks for his commitment to make it a priority in his upcoming State-of-the-State address, followed by its implementation in subsequent years to improve upon the employability of New Yorkers with disabilities.

Text Version of NYSILC Letter to Governor Cuomo.

PDF Version of NYSILC Letter to Governor Cuomo.

Sign on to the Petition.

Visit the following link: PETITION to sign the petition to encourage Governor Cuomo to improve the employability of New Yorkers with disabilities.

Forward the petition to your friends and networks!



  • APPROVED SPIL 2014-2016: On September 23, 2013, the Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) notified the New York State Plan partners in writing that the new three-year SPIL for 2014-2016 was approved. A copy of the SPIL 2014-2016 can be viewed by clicking on the link provided below. The previous SPIL 2011-2013 has been archived on the Key Documents webpage.


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