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NYSILC Full Council Meeting

May 21, 2004

Attendees: Mel Tanzman, Vice Chair; Mike Godino, Treasurer; Alexander Wood, Secretary; Sharon Shapiro-Lacks, Member-at-Large; Randy Black-Schantz, Joe Bravo, Mark Hernandez, Steve Lovi, Rosemarie McCaffery, Pratik, Patel, Maya Quinn, Michael Zich, Ron Bassman, Sharon Flom, Bob Gumson, Greg Jones, Brad Williams, Stephanie Slater.

Absent: Doug Hovey, Chair; Judy Avner, Iris Bannister, Dennis Boyd, Michael Burgess, Maria Dibble, Marguerite Haring, Gene Hughes, Michael Kink, Amy LaShomb.

Guests: Cynthia Fiore, Dr. Alan Scwartz, OMRDD, Sam Bolton, OMRDD, Shelly Curry, OMRDD.

Open Forum:OMRDD presentation - "What is Self-Determination?"

Minutes: Approval of minutes of February 13, 2004. Motion by Sharon Shapiro-Lacks, second by Mike Godino, to accept the minutes as written. Motion passes unanimously.

Executive Director’s Report: Brad Williams reporting.

  • In January, started Systems Advocacy Implementation Work Group. This has been an arduous process.
  • Provided input to Assembly Task Force on People with Disabilities regarding HAVA.
  • Held a press conference on the elimination of the full-face ballot requirement.
  • Wrote an opinion piece on the Tennessee v. Lane case.
  • In February, the focus was on the budget hearings - Education, Human Services.
  • Met with VESID to discuss common legislative priorities.
  • In March, continued work with the SSAN Implementation Group.
  • Provided input to VESID on the RFP for the SSAN.

Treasurer’s Report: Mike Godino reporting.

YSILC budget is currently $36,400 under budget, it is anticipated that the upcoming trainings will absorb this excess. $4,000 will be moved from SILC meetings into the Conference Call category. Motion by Pratik Patel, second by Michael Zich, to accept the Treasurer's Report as presented. Motion passed unanimously.

Committee Reports:

  • Public Policy Committee: Mel Tanzman reporting. Mel Tanzman is stepping down as Chair of the Public Policy committee. NYSILC is currently seeking a replacement.
  • Travel Committee - Proposed by Randy Black-Schantz. The purpose of the committee is to establish thorough and understandable guidelines for hotels, motels, and conference facilities throughout NYS for the assistance of individuals with physical disabilities who require accessible accommodations, including training of personnel, compliance with ADA guidelines. Monthly conference calls will be held. The committee currently has 20 potential members. Motion by Steve Lovi, second by Mike Godino, to officially establish this subcommittee. Motion passed with one opposition.
  • ADA Committee - No committee member present. The number one project is the introduction of Title II language into the NYS Human Rights Code and this is the first year with support from both the Senate and Assembly.
  • CDPAS - Not an active committee at this time.
  • State Plan - Joe Bravo reporting. The SPIL is going through the VESID and CBVH approval processes. Bob Gumson stated that the Board of Regents approved the SPIL this past week. Sharon Flom stated that CBVH and the Office of Children and Family Services have also approved the SPIL. It's in the Division of Budget and the Governor's office.
  • Inclusive Education Committee - Pratek Patel and Rosemarie McCaffery. Working to keep this together with employment. Mentoring Day is 10/20/04. Suggested committee work on building coalition to support legislation.
  • Election Reform Committee - Sharon Shapiro-Lacks reporting. Delay in attention to voting machine issue. At 5/18 hearing, exits were blocked, preventing conference committee members leaving. Two people were arrested. Voting Rights are fundamental and sometimes civil disobedience is necessary. It has been stated that civil disobedience needs to be "part of our tool kit." Elimination of the full-face ballot - the Stringer/Kruger bill is more effective as it defines what constitutes increased font, contrast change, etc. Position change on this issue was anticipated but did not happen. NYSILC and contributors have developed a polling site access instrument.
  • Housing Committee - Alexander Wood reporting. Committee has been developing a workable action plan to identify the main issues, build coalition. Members wish to talk to developers to educate them on the money to be made with visitability. The committee's Housing paper has been mailed to all legislators.
  • Transportation Committee - Randy Black-Schantz reporting. The committee is working on establishing a dialogue with the Regional FTA.
  • MISC Committee - Mel Tanzman reporting. The committee is examining single point of entry (1 or more agencies who can provide comprehensive overview of long term care options). ILCs would be a good prospect.
  • CBVH SRC - Todd Eggert. No report available.

VESID Report – Bob Gumson reporting.

VESID has been asked by DOH to identify community-based settings for public forum meetings (i.e. colleges, etc.) to be held on MISC and Olmstead. Current areas of interest are Buffalo, Syracuse, Onondaga, Cayuega and Manhattan. VESID is undergoing major restructuring about how it delivers services in the future, funding and staffing have been discussed. VESID will be seeking stakeholders input and presenting "VESID's Design for the Future" at several venues. This plan will be presented to the NYSILC Full Council at the September meeting. The recent news about the Glens Falls ILC was briefly mentioned.

CBVH Report – Sharon Flom reporting.CBVH is undergoing some realignments. Rochester will be an "outstation" covered by Buffalo and Syracuse offices.

Motion by Mike Godino, second by Joe Bravo, to adjourn this meeting. Motion passed unanimously.

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